Firefighter 2 Simulations


From Caryn,

State Fire Training has expanded the provision to skill simulation on Certification Exam to Fire Fighter 2 (2019) for the following Random Skills:

  • Skill 3-1: Extinguish an Ignitable Liquid Fire
  • Skill 3-2: Control a Flammable Gas Cylinder Fire
  • Skill 4-1: Extricate a Victim Entrapped in a Motor Vehicle

The Fire Fighter 2 (2019) Psychomotor Summary Sheet denoting this information may be viewed online:

These skills may be simulated only when a corresponding registered FSTEP course has been taught during the Fire Fighter 2A (2019) module. It is the responsibility of the host ARTP/ALA to verify FSTEP course completion by all Certification Exam candidates, including Alternate Delivery participants.

Please let me know if you have any questions.