Attached is the October 11, 2019 STEAC Meeting Agenda.  The attachments are available to view on this link:

Fire Control 3B – Staff Report and Implementation Plans for the necessary instructor information:

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California Fire/EMS Professional Development Pathway

Through a partnership with Cal Chiefs, CPFF, the California Community Colleges, State Fire Training and the CSU’s, the CFTDA is participating in an effort known as the “California Fire/EMS Professional Development Pathway”. The project represents a concerted effort to expand concurrent fire programs at high schools and to integrate SFT’s certification tracks into the transferable units at Community Colleges and CSU’s with the ultimate goal of having a pathway that begins prior to the college setting and runs through the Executive Chief officer level. To read more, click on the link below.

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If you are an ARTP or ALA conducting the SFT Certification Written Test, the directions for use of and how to negotiate the Questionmark website are included below. The first 2 pages consist of those instructions to be shared with your students and candidates who will be taking the exam. The second two pages are for Proctors only. Please note that if you are a Proctor, you will need to be issued a Username and Password from SFT first.