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Caryn asked that we send this out prior to the meeting Thursday as there is a lot of info on here to digest.

CFTDA Meeting Agenda 2022Dec

Good morning CFTDA,

This came up in the last meeting. I am attaching the CalOSHA policies for working in the heat as well as Sierra College’s heat policy. Thank you Jason! ACADEMY HEAT POLICY,do%20in%20case%20of%20an

Good morning CFTDA!

BP2030 meetings will begin next week in Sacramento. Attached are two surveys for firefighters and agencies to help guide the process. To get more reach please push these out to your adjuncts and alumni.



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From Chief Petty,

Please see attached link and share it with CFTDA members. This positively impacts the hiring practices of CAL FIRE and the college academy plans, and will definitely benefit the ARTP graduates.

New Curriculum Training Path for Firefighter I – FINAL

This is huge! Please also reference the FAQs in the link as well as it explains a lot of what this memo means to CFTDA.




Had a request from CPT Turner to send this out to the group. Based on the questions in the quiz it is what is in the curriculum for FF1. However, I still wanted to send it to the group for you to respond.

Good Afternoon Sir,

I am currently working on a proposal for creating a SFT forcible entry class.  I am looking to send out a brief survey to get data to see if there is an interest on developing this Statewide.  I received your email from Chris Fowler from SFT and was advised you may be able to send it out your ARTP group for their input.  Would you be able to send out this link to a google form that gathers information regarding this concept?  It should only take a few minutes of the respondents time.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

Nic  Turner

Training Captain/ Tower Coordinator

Training Division
San Bernardino County Fire Protection District
Cell: 909-762-5357
2824 ‘W’ Street, Bldg. 302,
San Bernardino, CA 92415

Good afternoon everyone,

I had a post of interest that I would like to share with all of you that came from Chris Baker and 1LT Matthew Epstein. Please see the attached memo regarding the explanation of Team Blaze.  This is just another avenue for potential students or graduates to gain experience and make some money during fire season.

Very Respectfully,

Peter Cacossa

From Caryn Petty,

State Fire Training (SFT) is seeking Instructors/Subject Matter Experts (SME) active within Fire Fighter academies to volunteer for test item analysis on select questions within the cognitive test banks. These meetings will be entirely online.


All SMEs will be required to attend a 60-90 minute orientation briefing on 11/01/21. Question items from FF1A, FF1B, FF1C, and FF2A will each be reviewed separately in 2-3 hours blocks via MS Teams on 11/01/21 or 11/02/21. Only two SMEs per module will be selected and SMEs may attend only one module. If you are qualified and interested then complete the survey below. All responses are due by October 15, 2021.


To apply, visit: Subject Matter Expert Test Item Review Survey


Let me know if you have questions.


Caryn R. Petty, MA, Deputy State Fire Marshal III/PM

State Fire Training, Academy Coordinator

The Office of the State Fire Marshal

2251 Harvard Street, Suite 400

Sacramento, CA 95815

(916) 662-0611 mobile

[email protected]


From Caryn Petty, ARTP Authorized Signer Template – Approved

Attached in the link above, is the new ARTP Authorized Signer template for use. This will serve as the means in which SFT will identify listed signers for Applicant Task Book and letter sign-offs mirroring the Fire Chief Authorized Signer process.


Good afternoon everyone,

I would like to bring your attention to our Oxnard College Lifeguard Academy Primary Instructor recruitment posting:

Please share this recruitment with anyone who may be interested. The course is offered over four (4) weekends each Spring. Friday evenings from 5:00pm – 7:50pm, Sat and Sun 7:00 am – 4:50pm. For more information on the program please go to:


Matthew Jewett


Oxnard College Public Safety & Emergency Services Programs

Phone: 805.678.5307

Mobile: 530.718.4853

Email:  [email protected]

104 Durely Ave | Camarillo CA 93010


Miramar College Fire Technology is hosting the RIO – Regional Instructor Orientation and CEET – Certification Exam Evaluator Training on July 6, 2021. (Both classes)   Please see Class Flyer Links below:

RIO – Regional Instructor Orientation

CEET – Certification Exam Evaluator Training