Template for On-Line Delivery of SFT FFI Haz-Mat Unit


Thanks to the efforts of German Sierra at Las Positas College, the Haz-Mat unit for his FFI academy has been approved by SFT for on-line delivery. To that end, all the associated paperwork they required has been shared as a template for your use below. Please note, that while this is an extremely helpful step in allowing us to continue our academies during these difficult times, there are some limitations you may wish to consider before pursing. These include:

  • It relies on CANVAS instruction using discussions, conferences, ZOOM, Pictorio and other tools
  • The approval is for a “one time” delivery per SFT
  • It is not CSTI approved
  • Students will still need to perform Haz-Mat skills testing as normal
  • It relies on the use of virtual self-paced lectures from Jones/Bartlett and other publishers

If you are reading this prior to Tuesday March 24, please note there will be a Zoom Conference call to discuss transitioning as much of our FFI Academies to on-line delivery which you are encouraged to participate in. Information on how to attend can be found on the home page of the CFTDA website.

If you have questions regarding this information feel free to contact German at: [email protected]. My thanks to German, his Public Safety Manager Chad McMullen, his Academy Coordinator Chief Lacey and CFTDA Matt Jewett for initiating these efforts.
Randy Collins,