Please see the attachments for information regarding San Diego Miramar College’s Company Officer 2B and 2C courses.

2021 Membership dues are due January 1, 2021. If your institution pays your dues, please submit your purchase order requests early to get the process started. If paying by Zelle, please use the attached instructions.

For assistance, please contact Scott Jaeggi at:

562-941-4082 ext. 33

[email protected]



Following our September Zoom Meeting, a subcommittee comprised of Randy Collins, Pete Cacossa, Jeff Baumunk and Tommy Tunson met to develop a design for a Challenge Coin to be presented to the membership for approval. To that end, a design has been selected and a proof enclosed. While not shown on the proof, the organization’s mission statement (Dedicated to Promoting High Quality Fire Technology Education and Training) will be engraved on the edges of the coin.



Notes from the October 9 2020 STEAC meeting have been posted for your review. Those items of particular interest to the membership have been highlighted in yellow and include:

  • Addition of Jones and Bartlett’s Wildland Firefighter Principles and Practices as an approved textbook to the FFIC Course Plan (along with the previously approved Bill Ties’ IFSTA text.
  • Waiving the AS Degree requirement for the Chief Officer Cert. for 2 years providing candidates meet one of the 4 options identified in the SFT report. This was the meetings most controversial topic with it originally proposed for 4 years with the TO’s & CFTDA advocating reducing to 2 years. After a spirited discussion, it narrowly passed with the two year provision.
  • A confirmation from Chief Henning that the new fee schedule will go into effect Jan 1, 2021
  • A presentation from Dr. Tunson on the Transformational Organizational Model, Bridging the Racial Divide  that he presented to us at our last Zoom meeting. The item has been agendized for the Jan STEAC meeting.


If you have specific questions regarding the meeting, feel free to contact Randy Collins at [email protected]

Hi everyone! We greatly appreciate your time, energy, and effort in completing the following questions. The intent of this survey is to better understand best practices in selection criteria and processes for Firefighter Academy applications within the California Community College system. Your responses will help us drive industry forward as we implement impactful, positive changes within our own system. Click here for the Survey Link


To All CFTDA members;


Porterville College desires to deliver SFT Confined Space Awareness and Firefighter Safety and Survival in a hybrid format and is looking for anyone who has anyone created and submitted the required Course Outlines for either and had them approved by State Fire Training? If you have done so and are willing to share, please respond to Mario Garcia at:

[email protected]

Thank you   

To All CFTDA Members:


At last November’s meeting, it was requested that our By-Laws be amended to reflect the following changes:

  1. Removing the provision that would allow mail-in ballots.
  2. Establishing a different dues rate for Professional members.
  3. Requiring an individual to have paid their dues in order to have access to the website.
  4. Moving the time dues are payable from a calendar year to a fiscal year
  5. Making any other changes deemed appropriate.


To that end, during that meeting a subcommittee comprised of Randy Collins and Gail Warner was appointed to draft these amendments which have  subsequently been shared with the Board of Directors. After their review, it was  recommended the changes as shown in the attachment move forward for consideration by the membership FYI: all additions are highlighted in yellow and deletions appear in red font). A summary of these changes is as follows:

  1. Removing the provision allowing for mail-in ballots (Article III D). In the spirit of item 5 above, a provision in this section was added to allow voice or roll-call voting during a meeting conducted in a ZOOM format. To promote consistency, this was also addressed in Article VIII D-1.
  2. Because the By-Laws already permit the amount of dues to be established by the Board of Directors (Article II H-4) it was not deemed necessary to address different dues rates in this document. However, a provision was added to this section to identify when dues would be considered delinquent and a member no longer “in good standing”.
  3. A provision was added to Article II H-5 to specify that only a member in good standing would be entitled to the benefits of membership (including website access).
  4. Although it was contemplated to change when dues are payable to coincide with a fiscal year, upon recommendation of our Treasurer and concurrence with the Board, it was agreed to leave the term of the dues on a calendar year (Article II H-4). To avoid any misinterpretation when dues were considered delinquent, the date of April 1 was added to this section.  


Please take a few minutes to review these changes and if you have any concerns or comments, be prepared to discuss at Friday’s meeting. Also, please note that because the By-Laws require any proposed changes to be brought before the membership 15 days before a vote, this threshold has not been met which means, we can only discuss the changes Friday and then vote upon them at our next meeting.


Any questions, feel free to contact me at [email protected].


Thanks Randy