SFT Force Entry Doodle Poll

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Had a request from CPT Turner to send this out to the group. Based on the questions in the quiz it is what is in the curriculum for FF1. However, I still wanted to send it to the group for you to respond.

Good Afternoon Sir,

I am currently working on a proposal for creating a SFT forcible entry class.  I am looking to send out a brief survey to get data to see if there is an interest on developing this Statewide.  I received your email from Chris Fowler from SFT and was advised you may be able to send it out your ARTP group for their input.  Would you be able to send out this link to a google form that gathers information regarding this concept?  It should only take a few minutes of the respondents time.


Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

Nic  Turner

Training Captain/ Tower Coordinator

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