MGT 314 guidelines “Enhanced All-Hazards Incident Management/Unified Command”

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Good morning again CFTDA! A message from Walt Holloway from the College of the Desert regarding MGT 314 “Enhanced All-Hazards Incident Management/Unified Command”

“The Enhanced Incident Management/Unified Command for All Hazards course focuses on incident management skills, staff responsibilities, and the related situational awareness skills using a computer-driven training simulation designed to create a challenging decision-making environment in an expanding complex incident.

The course focuses on the processes used in an Incident Command Post (ICP) and the key decision-making requirements within that response node. Command and coordination, resource management, and communications & information management are emphasized. Participants learn from the cause and effects of incident decisions while performing in an ICP and responding to a variety of simulated, notional exercises.

The course is delivered (resident) at the National Emergency Response and Recovery Training Center/Emergency Operations Training Center (NERRTC/EOTC) in College Station, Texas. The instructional team consists of coaches and mentors experienced in emergency management and incident response. The course uses a multi-disciplinary approach to accomplish the course objectives. Each participant is integrated into a unified command structure responding to a simulated incident. The course emphasizes the application of contemporary incident management systems, best practices and procedures to the unique requirements of responding to all-hazards incidents.

The incident management structure used in the course is based on National Incident Management System (NIMS) doctrine and the Incident Command System (ICS), and is certified by the Department of Homeland Security/Federal Emergency Management Agency (DHS/FEMA) National Training and Exercise Division (NTED).”

Walt Holloway, Division Chief – Retired

Public Safety Academy – Fire Training Coordinator

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