Oxnard College Fire Academy and EMT Programs Resumption of Instruction and Skills Testing

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Oxnard College Fire Academy and EMT Programs

Re: Resumption of Clinical Instruction and Skills Testing

On April 13, 2020 students of the Oxnard College Fire Academy and EMT programs returned to the Camarillo Airport site in order to resume instruction and psychomotor skills testing. Assistant Dean Matthew Jewett, faculty and staff created and have implemented an execution plan designed to ensure the safety of students, faculty and staff; and to allow students to complete their educational goals.

Prior to the resumption of these activities, Assistant Dean Jewett issued Pre and Post-Class Health Screening protocols and Mandatory Standard Operating Procedures. (Slide 2)

Students were required to sign a Student COVID-19 Waiver. (Slide 3)

The EMT students were divided into MW and TTh morning and evening sections, in order to allow for greater social distancing. A detailed electronic health screening documentation system was created. (Slide 4)

EMT ILT Jake Findlay created and deployed an online health screening application that students were required to download on their smart phones. The health questionnaire has to be completed daily and presented at the time of screening. (Slide 5)

Assistant Dean Jewett posted COVID-19 warning signs at all entrances to the site. (Slide 6)

Students in EMT are required to park on the south side of the building, Fire Academy on the north side. A COVID-19 Screening Corridor was created on the north side of the building. Students line up 12 feet apart, on marked sidewalk, prior to being screened. Health Center Coordinator Dr. Deanna McFadden is assisting with the screenings and a Seek Thermal Imaging Thermometer has been deployed. (Slides 7, 8 and 9)

Social distancing is practiced by Fire Academy and EMT. (Slides 10 and 11)

Staff decontaminate classrooms and equipment using a 10-1 bleach solution. (Slides 12 and 13)

Link to power point (must download to computer to view entire PP): 

OC Public Safety program covid-19 plan execution.pptm