SFT Certification Exam Request Update

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Some good news:

SFT  has been actively working on getting approval to modify the skills delivery policy with IFSAC and Pro Board for about a year and this pandemic and SFT think’s they finally sealed the deal. SFT believe’s they are weeks away from having a formal approval to deliver all assigned skills to the Lead Evaluator at the time of approval; which would eliminate these types of auto generated emails. Once formalized, SFT will send all skills at the time of approval and 3 weeks before the module begins the Lead will share the skills with associated staff (just as before). So, this will be a small administrative change but significant for SFT in setting up and tracking who gets what exactly 3 weeks before and trying to manage date changes, etc. and SFT think’s this is helpful for the Lead Evaluator because they will have advance notice to what the skills will be.