FC3 PACE Process Approved


As many of you are aware SFT will soon be adopting changes to FC3 course including requirements for existing instructors to obtain S-404, ICS-300 as well as attend their new 24 hour FSTEP Fire Control course. Because the CFTDA recognized this would create a hardship for many of the ARTP’s, FC3 Cadre Lead Kevin Conant was kind enough to work with us to create a PACE process that was “streamlined” as much possible. To that end, if you have approved FC3 instructors you are using in your academies to fulfill this requirement, you will find enclosed the process to complete the PACE review as well as for copies of the applicable documents you will need to submit. To do so, your FC3 instructor will need to prepare the following documents (samples of most are enclosed):

  1. Applicants cover letter.
  2. A resume
  3. A portfolio of Live Fire Training Instruction
  4. (All Fees Waived per Implementation Plan)
  5. The SFT Instructor Application
  6. A copy of their SFT Acadis Professional History Report (“transcript”) in lieu of copies of their certificates.  If we have it on their Professional History Report then copies of certs are not necessary.

In addition, as the ARTP Director, you will need to prepare a “cover” letter for your instructor, attesting they have met the applicable requirements (Draft FC3 ARTP letter enclosed). Because the fees normally charged for PACE have been waived temporarily, you are encouraged to take advantage of this process sooner rather than later. This will be a discussion item at February’s CFTDA meeting at College of the Desert so please attend if you have questions. Otherwise, you can reach me at [email protected].


Randy Collins, CFTDA STEAC Rep.